Ambient Improvisations, based on synths and voice

 I like to call these pieces 'Sound journeys' - Music that triggers your imagination and allows you to dive into the unknown, in a way that is calming for your mind and enriching for your soul.
Some of them are really peaceful and perfect for meditation, others provide good space for imagination and movie-like visions.

You can immerse in the sound, close your eyes and drift away!




Neuss, December 2020


Live improvisational performances at the Evangelic churches in Neuss and Mönchengladbach (Germany, North Rhein Westfalia).

What a sign from above - the first time I was able to perform live and share this very special project, happened to be in a church!
In a moment, or rather during a whole period, when live performances are not possible, I was blessed to have the opportunity to perform. It’s painful for us performing artists not to be able to meet our audience and share special moments together. To my surprise, a beautiful occasion came into my life – I had the chance to perform during a very special service in a church! Something that I had never even thought could happen! And yet, it did and it was amazing!
Now, I’m not a religious person, but I certainly am a ‘spiritual’ one. I’ve been studying religions at university and I’ve been learning about spirituality on my own too. And throughout the years , I’ve developed my own belief system, which fuels my faith. I won’t spread too much explaining about it now, but I wanted to clarify this because of the purpose of the live performance. Namely: to create an ambient atmosphere, a meditative mood and to take the listener on a journey, while he contemplates the topic of the service: ‘Fear not’. I believe that no matter what our religion is, we all pray and hope for the same things and we all feel blessed when we manage to connect to the Devine. Making this kind of music makes me feel connected – and from the first time I did it, I knew that I want to share it with others.
I feel so happy for being part of this service and so honored to be the channel through which devine music flows – because that’s the concept behind these live improvisations – I work with my intuition and my gut feeling, which is defined by the Sacredness of the Moment. 


Destino Desconocido

Electronic improvisations by
Marta Olaso (Spain) and NoomRa
Sofia, 2015 

Experiencing the power of Improvisation!
Electronic music (by Marta) and vocals (by NoomRa), running after and chasing each other without any previous intend or negotiation.
We want to focus on that special magical environment between people who make music together from scratch and on the spur of the moment.

JAMTRONIC = Electronic Music Jam

IMPROVISATION - perceived as a mindful process, which depends on the inspirational connection between the participants, their capability of adaptating and even their imperfectionness; as well as the connection between rational and intuitional ‘understanding’ of the surrounding – The Energy, the Flow, the Source.



Experimental sound by Noomra: non-structural exploration of sonic movement.

Portugal 2020

Germany 2020

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