experimental hip hop with drum&bass elements

Produced, recorded and mixed by Rob a Fella
Written and performed by NoomRa
Mastered by Jonas Küchler
Artwork: Photo by Sebastian Kleff; Concept, Styling, make-up and edit by NoomRa
Release date: 16/08/21

It’s the same tune all day, every day
Only words changing, but the message stays the same
Hidden in between the lines, can’t get it straight away
"Modern-day slaves: no rights and no escape!"

Most people think they have a choice - their own motion
That they can hear their own voice - a drop in the ocean
In a hall of screaming tags - welcome to the auction
Buy the right to be alive: a "Black Friday" promotion

Chorus: It’s a weird time to be alive (x4)

I’m sick of pretty faces, slim waists, big chains
Variety and authenticity should be the "Big names"
Between the luxury and misery, there is a membrane
It’s time to penetrate it and see the whole plane!

We better be hyper-alert
Cause someone might soon pull the rug
We better be quick, time is up
End this mass delusion, wake up!

Do you like the scenery
Ring the bell and set them free
Media continuum, rabbit holes, c’est la vie
Can you switch the frequency
Break the pattern, change the key
Answer the question "To be or not to be?"

Chorus: It’s a weird time to be alive (x4)

Can you be the captain and the pilot
Can you choose your way and build your tower
Can you comprehend your real power
And become the hero, not the coward

Yes, we need a new
We gon’ break the wall
Cause we’ve had enough
We gon’ break the wall
Cause we’ve had enough oppression
Cause we’ve had enough

Cause we need a new rhythm
And we need a new prism
That old mess, we gon’ clean it
New cycle
It’s a new beginning
That old wall, we're gon’ bring it down
We're gonna start anew:
Let’s go! 

 A modern hip-hop anthem, which is meant to provoke and inspire. The song carries a strong message, delivered with passion and determination.

The matters, addressed in the track, relate to global topics and tendencies. Unsurprisingly, the song is dedicated to the times we live in, to particular phenomena, existing even before Covid-19 happened. The coronavirus only exposed even more everything that we were used to. The song is addressing problematic aspects of our life as humanity, and particularly how capitalism, media and glamour brainwash us every day into thinking that the reality we live in is normal the way it is. It’s no secret that in the last few years, we started experiencing a brain fog, due to all the information, opinions, pseudo-science, social media, false news etc. And it’s not gonna be easy to get out of this as humanity and make sure we’re actually on the right track – the track, which would stop us from harming ourselves and our planet.
The song raises questions and refers to the ‘new cycle’ that is yet to come, a new beginning that we all need. And this new cycle can begin only as soon as we manage to choose new values and priorities. Values which would destroy the membrane, which prevents us from seeing the whole picture.
In this sense, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is not a regular song, this is an anthem – created for those who are sick of the way things are and seek a different perspective, as well as understand the need of a huge change and shift in our world. 

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trap metal

Written and performed by NoomRa
Recorded and mixed by NoomRa and S.Kleff 
Lisbon, PT, 2020

For every time a child was bullied and offended
For every time a woman was harassed
For every time a gentleman got rejected
For every time a freak was shown the grass

There is a word that needs to be said
There is a song that needs to be sung
There is a glass that needs to be smashed
There is a bell that needs to be rung

* Welcome to the dark side* X2

There is a word that needs to be said
There is a song that needs to be sung
There is a glass that needs to be smashed
There is a bell that needs to be rung

Black Moon Lilith
(Dark, dark)
Black Moon Lilith
(Dark, dark - Queen of Swords)
Black Moon Lilith
Welcome to the dark side
Black Moon Lilith

Made, made of your wrath
Panic, chaos, fear, pain
Slave of your lot.
I disagree with your God
I’m the bitter taste stuck on your tongue.
Embrace me my brother
Recognize the liar
I bathe in the fire
They bathe in denial
I am the new religion
A.I.istic vision
Guess what I represent
The 1st to the 10th…..


Sometimes you need to face your 'dark side' and embrace it in order to transform it into something useful. I chose Lilith because she represents one’s shadow. But she is very powerful and strong, and simply doesn’t obey. I created my own Lilith – not a villain, but a hero – fueled by negativity, wrath and anger, but transforming and using this fuel for good – to fight for justice.
I was inspired by my own anger towards injustice on different levels..Starting from my own pain and trauma from being bullied and disrespected and thinking about all those people, who have experienced discrimination in so many many people who were shown hatred instead of respect and love , so many people who have to suffer because they are different. Our society has a lot of things to work on and one of them, which is my personal cause, is learning to respect, appreciate and love the Different, instead of trying to belittle and even eliminate it...
So I used my anger to create smth, instead of being agressive towards someone. Because I do believe that violence can only lead to more violence. And as a friend of mine said, the cure for everything is Love. Well for me Love means Art (and vice versa), so I won't stop fighting for what I believe in and my weapon is my creativity.





Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by DMT
Written and performed by NoomRa
Sofia, 2017

99 on the road
I don’t need a chainsaw,
I grab the mic and then go…
Ready, steady, explode…

I wake up seein’ hungry doughnuts eating guinea pigs
The room is filled with water, I dunno where the ceiling is
This ain’t a dream, it’s just a motherfuckin’ daily shit
I’m used to being in that horrifying silly script.

It’s not an honour and it’s not the biggest privilege
To feel distortion every time you step aside the bridge
The shore of happiness is way to far to closely reach
And you can swim but theres’ some sorrow in the water- leached!

99 on da road
You don’t know what I saw
The sun is black, it’s not gold
On my hat theres’ a crow, fella
On my hat theres’ a crow
In my hand there’s a sword, fella
In my hand there’s a sword.

99 on the road
I don’t need a chainsaw,
I grab the mic and then go,
Ready, steady, explode
I grab the mic and then go, fella!
Ready, steady, explode!
I grab the mic and then go, fella!
Ready, steady, EXPLODE!

I found another way to fight against the pain in my soul
I found another reason to accept the harms I’ve been shown
I’ll never let the sorrow trample all that power I own
I’m in this world to make it better so I won’t let go

Drown in the water I would be gone/x2/
I’ll found another way to feel home/x2/

99 on da road
You don’t know what I saw
The sun is black, it’s not gold
On my hat , theres’ a crow, fella
On my hat , theres’ a crow
In my hand there’s a sword ,fella
In my hand there’s a sword

99 on the road
I don’t need a chainsaw,
I grab the mic and then go,
Ready, steady, explode
I grab the mic and then go, fella!
Ready, steady, explode!
I grab the mic and then go, fella!
Ready, steady, EXPLODE!

This song is meant to empower you and make you feel like nothing is a real obstacle between you and your dream of living life to the fullest.
I've expressed my own frustration with the way I've experienced the 'harsh' side of reality . I've shared how not only my own struggle but also the pain which I see in the eyes of others every day, often times makes me feel helpless and full of fear, anger, desperation. But I've chosen for myself that reality is truly multi-dimensional and there's much more to it then the sorrows and the pain..much much more... And I've found within myself what makes me strong and full of hope; what triggers my inner power and makes me brave and willing to keep on doing what I'm doing and keep on living!

Life is not easy, but that’s how you find out how strong, brave, wise and powerful you can be! You have only one shot in this current lifetime and giving up is not an option!

Be inspired and creative, don’t let fear, anger and pain stop you from being productive. Use the wave of energy - no matter positive or negative and celebrate your ability to manifest it into something meaningful, beautiful and maybe inspiring for others!

Brave people are the ones who overcome their fears and make their move no matter what.
Strong people are the ones who accept their tough lot and feel their pain , in order to face a situation and turn the obstacle into a privilege – they make a conscious choose to be a warrior and a survivor, not a victim.
Powerful is not the one who express his will to be a fighter and a winner not via being aggressive , but via staying calm and prepared for what is to come, being flexible and resilient, persistent and aware of their imperfection but willing to give 200% and show up in order to make it all work.
Wise are those who embrace all colours of their mind, soul and spirit, as well as their surroundings, and never stop learning how to improve what is inside, outside and beyond!


synth pop/electro pop

Produced by Sebastian Kleff (SCORN & DEVOTION)
Written and performed by NoomRa
Recorded by NoomRa
Mixed and mastered by Sebastian Kleff 
Created in between Germany, Portugal and Bulgaria 

Under the sunset
We’re riding away
And never get back for
The money and fame
We’re praying till dawn
Cause there’s nowhere to go,
There’s nowhere to go.

We’re tired to conquer
We’re tired to be
Gave all for the mission
Not skipping a beat
It’s locked in the cupboards
In between the walls,
Walls that couldn’t talk…

CH: TRY / x4/

Bring another hour to the dawn
Tell me all the lyrics that you know,know
Point another corner of the stone, stone
Make me understand to see the core, core…

I’m gonna see the ocean
I’m gonna ride the waves
I’m gonna write a poem
I’m gonna light a flame

They’re begging me to stop:
‘Watch out, do what’s right!’
Rolling on the line…

Cow wars and colours
Begin to rot - us
Whatchu discover?
Whatchu empower?

Pouring the passion, more, more
Tearing the flesh off bone, bone
Ready forever: war, war
Breed of predator, ROAR!

CH: TRY / x4/

Add another colour
Fire up the rainbow
Fighting for my tower
Knocking down the main door

Building up a Temple In the sky….

Sometimes you wanna get away from the urban jungle and quit trying to prove anything to anyone.
Sometimes you wanna be as you are, you wanna experience pure joy, you wanna be free…
Sometimes you wanna experience Time as it reveals itself and not try to control it or compete against it.
Sometimes you wanna stop trying to conquer anything.
Sometimes you wanna stop feeling guilty for who you are or who you are not……
Sometimes you wanna stop fighting for ‘success’ and start living in bliss.
Sometimes you just need to remember that one thing that you really wanna do and give it a try!

This song is for you, who often feel tired and imprisoned by the subordination of the ‘real world’ structure, by the clocks and the money and everything that prevents you from doing what you love.
This song is for everyone who ... simply needs it.


Every day is a fight…
Every day you wake up and you need to struggle to fit in, to become someone, to achieve something. And you need to obey so many rules, you need to learn to accept the restrictions, you need to accept and live with the feeling of guilt, which triggers anger, self-hatred and insecurity.
Every day you need to wake up, get out of bed and make the choice to fight. Fight for everything that seems worthy. Some days you need to get up and convince yourself that there is at least one thing that matters and it’s worth it.
Sometimes you sit in the dark and wait for a single spark of hope, a little blessing from an angel and a little bit of faith. You wish that better days lie ahead of you and of all the people. You wish you were stronger and had more patience, so that you can manage better your time, your energy.. You feel disappointed with who you are right now and compare it to the ideal YOU..…

But, my dear friend, whatever you feel and whatever you fear, remember one thing: everything is worth it. Just for the sake of giving it a try. Because YOU CAN. Life is the best thing you can dream of. LIFE is the best reason you can possibly have to live – because it means that whatever the rules of the game are, you are in it and you have the ability to play. Sometimes you are defeated but don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to win at the next round. And soon you will go to the next level…


dark pop/indietronica

Written and performed by NoomRa
Instrumental by Oirur; remixed by NoomRa
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ulpiano Capalbo
Lisbon, 2018

How can we forgive
How can we believe
The gossip of the shadows
Dissolved into the echoes

Of a peccant mind


Baby , I think you’re a freak,
how can you possibly be that dark?
Searching for someone like me
yeah, I will help you to knock them out!

No sense of destination
Try reaching the first free stop.
A common occupation -
believing in an unsown crop.

The only guiding shadow
Is knowing how the anger feels.
No point in being mellow
Your power needs to be revealed.

The wheel is in your hand,
The throat is on the rope
We’re finding no man’s land
Disasters come and go!

Baby , I think you’re a freak,
how can you possibly be that dark?
You come to kill and then leave,
But our meeting won’t be the last (one).

Now let it , let it go
I think, I think you know
It doesn’t even seem to hurt
And you don’t need to be disturbed

Would it matter if I could read your mind
Would it matter if I left you to die
Would it matter if you knew what was right
Would it matter if I was by your side?

It doesn’t matter if you’re weak or you’re strong
It doesn’t matter if what you did was wrong
You can’t go back and there’s no place you belong
I know you’re scared and you can’t believe or hope

Step out of the vicious circle and come along.
Placed in the middle under a sacred dome
Face in the mirror, mirror, destroy the wall
And let the river, river, just let it flow

Now let it , let it go
I think, I think you know
Stop hiding, break the wall
let the river, let it flow.

Between the darkness and the light we’re constantly wandering… Sometimes the dark is overwhelming, but there’s always a way to go back to the light…. Or maybe we can find the light only when we are lost in the darkness? 


alternative r&b/neo-soul

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by NoomRa
Beat: Amethyst Rxckstars

Something ‘bout the weather,
Ask me smth about my day.
You know it doesn’t matter
All the questions are the same.
I just wanna listen
To your voice
While we’re on the phone.
I just wanna listen
So pick up and just say ‘Hello’.

I just wanna know
If you’ll ever call
I just wanna see
If you’ll think of me.
Are you there?

The wheel is slowly turning
You are almost at my door
I’m up, my skin is burning
I know I’m about to fall.

And I see you from the top of my
Magic mansion
And I see you from the top of my
Magic mansion

I got potions, I got spells
And really bad intentions….

I found this super-chilled beat and it immediately made me sing and inspired me. It took me just a couple of hours to write the song and record it. Afterwards I arranged all vocals as much as I could in order to make this demo. But what I will always remember about creating this song is that I was in a pretty shitty mood and then I somehow found this instrumental and voalá! Creating smth has always been my antidote for badmooddays. And this song is a proof that we can create smth beautiful even if we feel super anti-everything.


trap/alternative r&b

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by NoomRa
Beat by Kid Ocean

I ain’t gonna tell you a fuckin' lie
Look me in the eyes and count to 5
All I wanna do is be the reason why
You wake up in the morning and thank the sky

You see, I dream big, I fly high
I take risks, laugh and cry
dance on fire, deeply dive
Cause I want future when we all unite
(You) can’t stop me, they already tried x3

Daril is the brightest
Gatsby is the greatest
Forest is the fastest
Donald’s just a racist…

In such amount of fear, is there space for some surprises?
But Angels sing, I hear - and that’s when faith arises..

What im gonna do
Where im gonna go
What im gonna eat
What im gonna show
Where im gonna work
How im gonna grow:
All that mess and dirt
Do I wanna know?!

Finding all truths in a cup
Coffee, insenso and stuff
Is holy wisdom JUST a bluff?!
The life of an optimist’s tough!
Only one rule:
never give up!
We’re going up, up, up, up

Chaos, chaos, race
Shadows, shadows, trace
Route, knot, maze
Body, eyes, face
Darkness, blank space
Matters, matters, ways
Counted, counted days
Cradles, cradles, graves.

A song for the God within each one of us.


electro pop/indietronica/rap

Produced, recorded and mixed by Sebastian Kleff (Scorn & Devotion)
Written and performed by NoomRa
Portugal, 2020

I love what u say’ (x3)

I think;
I pray;
I feel;
I crave;
I seek;
I chase;
I run;
I stay;

I choose
To move
The mist
and side
by side
with you
to play…

Two feet
off the ground
Ears baptized in the sound
true words were never found
within a quick rebound

I’m down on my paws
working so hard on innovation;
I’m ready to act
there’s no time for contemplation!
The power is mine
no matter the situation!
I’m ready to shine:
no sign of culmination!

Glossy generation;
Endless correlation;
Father of the nation:
data aggregation.

I love to ride the wolves;
I don’t need any shoes;
I never read the news;
Too often blow a fuse….

Full on play or rewind, sit back or go fight,
Let it, be it…
So many times, so many times
Never did it…
So many lines, so many rhymes,
Never spit it…
So many guides, so many lines,
(I’ll) never get it!

‘Show me ur devotion!’

When you hear the whistle, you run;
Feeling good? No, look at that gun!
Took the flower, where’s the sun?
Here’s the cash , install me some fun…

Time to close that false instruction
Setting up a new construction
Discover a brand new function
New task for your brain: adjuction

Who’s the enemy, what’s the remedy,
Who’s supposed to be the new GOD?

Whoever wants to be, Whoever’s post was seen:
2 billion views plus a web award…
But it’s more than you can afford;
Just like Bruce said: first absorb
what is useful, but what is not,
discard and then add your own!

Two feet
off the ground;
Ears baptized in the sound;
True words were never found
within a quick rebound…

I’m down on my paws
working so hard on innovation;
I’m ready to act
there’s no time for contemplation!
The power is mine
no matter the situation!
I’m ready to shine:
no sign of culmination!

Sometimes my songs are like a dream; They reveal some processes that could hardly fit a straight narrative; they are telling a story, within which there are hundreds of other stories. They are mixing the private and the public; the intimacy of the inner world with the exposure of the outer world…. Because it’s all connected, we are all connected…
This song is one of those: it is telling a story of someone who is trying to evolve and outgrow the past, overcome the traumatic experiences and light up the spark of smth new, on the wings of the rebellious spirit. But it’s also about some cultural experiences that we’re all part of, which are fueling this spirit. And a lot more…but this I leave to your interpretation. Feel free to make the song yours by creating your own meaning.

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