3. Piętro & Goście - Zapisy dźwięku

Poland, 2020

It was a sheer pleasure to take part with some sounds and vocals in this project. I loved the idea of 3. Piętro to use sounds, received from different people and incorporating them in a single music piece, a soundscape for this wonderful poetry! 

It's time

Training course on gender equality

Greece, 2017

Song and video created within "It's Time!" project, organized by KOM 018 - Club for Youth Empowerment 018, in cooperation with NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Austria and Czech Republic. The project's aim was to motivate youth workers and young people to get more involved in the promotion of gender equality and combat gender-based violence. "It's Time!" project was co-financed by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union - EU.

Song by Nikola Milic, Илија Касапинов, Uroš Vasiljević, Livia Gjonaj, Milançe Bojic and Nora Mincheva - NoomRa;
Beat and mastering: Nikola Demonio

I was part of a small team and our task was to create a song, dedicated to the topic of the project - Gender equality and combating gender-based violence (which is quite an issue on the Balkans unfortunately). Everyone had to write and perform their part.
As a woman and as someone who believes in both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, my goal was not to depict women as weaker then man and definitely not to call out man for being the 'bad guy'. I chose to express how old and silly is the typical concept for what a woman is or should be. And I wanted to point out that what matters is that we are all human and we all have dreams and should stand up for who we are and what we want - I believe that we should always make the effort to put ourselves in the other person's shoes and treat every human being respectfully. 
I'm grateful I was part of this project and had the opportunity to speak my mind(or rather sing my mind) on these issues!

Here are the lyrics that I wrote:
(my part starts at 0:34)

Let's hear the old definition: 
"She's full of intuition
She's beautiful, emotional and dumb, in addition
She sometimes cannot even think alone without permission" 
Or maybe you would say that overthinking's her addiction.
They put it that way, a linguistic frame for a woman to stay(in).

But I don't want that fate!
I won't play that game, I won't put that chain!
My life won't be a matter of cultural convention!

My name's not female, my name is not male.
My name is Human, that's all I can say.
I love the sky, the sun and the waves.
I swim in life - my own fairytale.


A screenshot from the 'It's time' video


Poland, 2017

Dreamer - A song by Larry Sax and Sina

While I was living in Poland, I had the pleasure to take part in the video for this beautiful song. You can find me around 2:45, but I really recommend that you hear the whole song! 

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