There are different ways in which you can support my work and be part of my artistic journey:

SAY IT IF YOU LIKE IT - your feedback matters! If you like a song of mine or another project, please leave a like, drop a comment (Youtube/Fb/IG), let me know how it made you feel, etc.;
FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE - follow me on social media and subscribe to my Youtube channel;
SHARE my music -  eg. share a song on FB, IG or another social media; or simply share it with the ones who might like it - even if it's just with one person! It matters!
GET INVOLVED in a project of mine: if you are an artist we can collaborate, if you have some technical skills like music mixing and mastering and video making/editing, they will be well appreciated;
DONATE  - any financial support will be appreciated!
This way you buy me time to keep on being creative and work on my projects, as well as be able to invest in them, as being an independent artists is not an easy game to play. But with your help I get one step closer to bringing my projects come to life!
If you wish to donate, you can do it by clicking the icon bellow. ;)




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