I had the opportunity to participate in several projects and training courses on art and communication (implementing art and creativity as tools for social work, self-development and non-formal education):

• Creativity Tools for Youth Work: Training course on Music, ASHA Centre (England, 2017);
• It’s time: gender equality (Greece, 2017);
• Music improvisation as a way to change (France, 2017);
• Homecoming song (Turkey, 2016);
• Your ideas, your world (France/Bulgaria, 2012).

This allowed me to develop my facilitating skills and implement them in my own workshops.

I enjoy working with people and assisting them in the process of self-reflection and self-exploration, especially when music is involved. The intersection between human connection, self-development and music is the main topic of my workshops.


Facilitators: Nora Mincheva – Noomra and Ana-Rita Paulino 
Participants: 11 people from different countries
Location: Muzeum Książki Artystycznej, Łódź, Poland
Duration: 2 hours
Date: 24.06.2017
Language: EN

The workshop was part of IBOC festival.


Ana-Rita Paulino and the  'Human Orchestra' 

The Music improvisation workshop was a metaphor for the process of communicating – a dialogue isn’t possible if two people wouldn't make the effort to listen to each other and try to understand and follow each other’s thoughts.

Sometimes even two people who speak the same language cannot really communicate with each other because they wouldn’t try to understand the other person’s point of view.
Moreover, most of the misunderstandings, generating problems in any kind of relationships, are due to miscommunication of ideas and opinions. Or due to the fact that some people give preference to the chance to say something, than to the opportunity to hear, listen and try to understand.

Here is an excerpt from one of the excercises: the crazy noisy jam

Rita and me created this workshop, inspired by our love for music and the Togetherness that it brings along....

We came up with some simple exercises and offered handmade upcycled 'music instruments' to the participants. The goal was to experience the way human beings communicate in another manner and to see it from a totally different perspective. We exchanged information in multiple non-verbal ways, declaring who we are and what we want to express via our bodies, voice and musical tools. As a facilitator my goal was not only to create a friendly environment, make people smile and laugh (so that they could freely express themselves with these unusual tools), but also to help them reflect on the whole process and dig deeper in the communicational issues that we experience on a daily basis. The participants were invited to practice and reflect on their ability to be present and patient and to provide space for one another (work in couples was a crucial part of the workshop), which on a greater scale corresponds to having mutual respect for one another and allowing everyone to have their own opinions and ideas.

I'm really grateful to everyone who took part in the workshop, to Rita, who was the best co-facilitator and to IBOC and KobieTy for giving us the opportunity to make this event happen!


Mini Workshop

Torun, Poland, 2017 

I had the opportunity to give a mini workshop on music improvisation in a Polish school. During our time together, the kids and I discussed the way music enables us to express ourselves and that it doesn’t matter how skilled you are – everyone can be part of a musical process – especially when it comes to music improvisation. Therefore we formed a little choir, in which everyone had a ‘function’, enabling them to contribute to the overall soundscape - using their voice or representing a percussion or instrument. It was great fun and I hope it made them believe in themselves more – as a Music Ambassador I try to tempt people to connect with music and become more confident about the way they express themselves. After all – we all need to find our voice and learn how to use it – both literally and metaphorically speaking! web software