NoomRa is the artistic name of Nora Mincheva - an interdisciplinary artist and art event coordinator. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies from Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridsky'. Her artistic work explores the fields of stage arts and visual arts with music being a strong focal point. From writing songs, experimenting with sound, dancing and live performing
to art photography, collages, handmade jewelry, drawing and anything that triggers her imagination - Nora is not afraid to explore and cross boundaries.

NoomRa has created and performed music with musicians from various countries at diverse venues: from small clubs or cultural spaces to urban festivals and even churches in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Germany. She has taken part in alternative theatre plays, musicals, art exhibitions, literary contests. She has also created art performances and facilitated music-related workshops.

Some of NoomRa's stage appearances and art participations:

SOUND JOURNEYS PROJECT - Live music improvisational performance at the Evangelic churches in Neuss and Mönchengladbach, Germany, December 2020;

• Live music performance at MÚSICA, ARTE & CONVÍVIO, organized by COLECTIVO A POSTOS, Oeiras, Portugal, 2020;

ПЕТЪЧНО ДЖАМБОРЕ (FRIDAY JAMBOREE) - live music performance by NoomRa and Asen Haydutov at HAMALOGIKA, Burgas, Bulgaria, 2019;

• Live music performance with Alessandro Badinson and Marta Niedużak at Pop'n'Art, Łódź, Poland, 2017; 

• Live music performance with Alessandro Badinson at INTERNATIONAL BOAT OF CULTURE FESTIVAL, organized by KobieTY, Łódź, Poland, 2017;

ROOTS: LIFE AS A BINGO GAME - Interactive performance with music improvisation at Sofia, Bulgaria - Fusion Art Fest 2016;

• Participation in CREATORIUM – sensory theatre – Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016;

YOUniverse – theatre performance at Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival 2016;

JAMTRONIC PROJECT - live music performance with Marta Olaso at SKYLAB Mini Art Fest and ‘The North Pole has no edges’– Sofia, Bulgaria 2015;

• Participation in ASSEMBLY OF SHAME - art exhibition organized by Ivo Dimchev at MOZEI, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014;

• Live music performances at the musical AH BROADWAY,BROADWAY at Theatre Laboratory 'Аlma Аlter' Sofia, 2014;

• Participation in the charity concert BEHIND THE CURTAIN, Burgas, Bulgaria 2011;

• Participation in the alternative theatre play MORE THAN WORDS - Drama club at ELMS ‘Geo Milev’, Burgas, Bulgaria – 2010; 

to inspire, heal and empower

Born and raised in Bulgaria, NoomRa is proud of her Balkan roots but heavily influenced by the whole world and its cultures. This is especially noticeable in her music, which is not only versatile when it comes to genre, but also enfused with diverse influences in terms of melody and vocal techniques. NoomRa writes her songs in English, so that they are accessible for anyone, as she believes that her music contains universal messages. These messages are usually humanity-oriented, future-oriented and are very representative for her mindset and values, as well as personal path. Themes like self-exploration and expression, dealing with self-doubt and fear, transforming anger into constructive force, discovering one's own truth, diversifying society's opinions from one's personal perspective, being misunderstood and mistreated, being an outsider, embracing one's vulnerabilty, accepting and resolving pain, balancing one's feminine and masculine energy, discovering one's potenial and inner power and others are usually the ones that drive NoomRa's inspiration to incorporate all these complex topics into her songs and open a conversation about them. Another really important issue for her is women’s expression and representation, not only as female artists but also as human beings. The socially-accepted and anticipated image of a woman is no longer valid and it's NoomRa personal goal to challenge people's perception for what makes a woman worthy of attention and recogition.
She defines the opportunity to live in different socio-cultural circumstances (villages, small and big cities, different countries) as a privilege, which allowed her to grow as a person, reinvent herself multiple times and get to know a bit better the world we are living in and the joys and burdens one can experience. Endowed with huge empathy for the 'Human experience' (enhanced also by her humanitarian education), she chooses the mission to inspire, heal and empower people with her art and hopes that she will reach those who most need to hear her message. 

NoomRa = Moon + Ra
The name is a wordplay, which reassembles Nora M. in a way that represents the Moon and the Sun (Ra is the Egyptian deity of the sun).
NoomRa is about Yin and Yang, the light and the darkness, the strenght and the vulnerability, the hope and the anger, the dualities, the contrasts without which everything would be static.


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